Holmes County History: Resources Database

by William Minter, Editor, AfricaFocus Bulletin

Page text last updated: February 10 2017 (date each entry added to database can be found in database).

This is a compilation of sources on the history of Holmes County, Mississippi, including books and working papers, articles, and other resources, such as videos and web resources. It is intended to foster reflection on this particular location not as an isolated place but as illustrative of the history of Mississippi and the U.S. South, in the context of national and global history. By juxtaposing these sources, my goal is to highlight links between political, social, and economic history at different levels, from the local to the global.

You can see the full database below by scrolling down, or go directly to this link: https://www.obvibase.com/p/4lDbhRcWiBWk/#table/4lDbhRcWiBWk/*

For a document with additional comments on some sources, see http://www.noeasyvictories.org/usa/holmes-county-gdoc.php

The database used (http://www.obvibase.com) is an effort to combine the advantages of a simple spreadsheet with those of a more complex database, particularly in terms of maximizing the ease of data entry. I find it very user-friendly for input, and a new edition promised by the developer will offer additional capacity with an application program interface (API) for using the data and displaying it in a form more friendly for access for viewing.

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